Ep 116: Barry Cooper on Escaping the US and How to Get Residency in Paraguay

I recently spoke with Barry Cooper from Never Get Busted he was a former law enforcement officer turned anti-drug war activist. He made of series of videos and conducted sting operations to expose the corruption in the drug war, which as you might expect did not sit well with his former colleagues. Because of persecution by the US authorities, he was forced to flee the US more than 10 years ago and is now living with his wife in the Philippines.

During our discussion, we talk about his escape and his life in Venezuela, Mexico, and the Philippines. We also talk about drug use and some successful ways to treat addiction.

Finally, we discuss Barry’s new business Fast Residency, which helps foreigners get a residency as quickly and easily as possible. Whether you would consider living in Paraguay, as looking for a tax residency, or simply would like to have a plan B, getting a residency in Paraguay can be a great asset. If you do decide to use their service please mention that you heard about them through the Borderless Podcast.