Expat Tax and Life in Medellín with Vincenzo Villamena

In this episode I spoke to Vincenzo Villamena, founder of Online Taxman. We speak about a variety of subjects relating to international tax and good places to live as an expat. After this podcast I decided to work with Vincenzo for a little while and took off to Medellín. I hope you enjoy it!

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Show notes:

  • I’m in Medellín! (0:30)
  • My Wife’s $2-Million Dollar IKEA Desk (2:14)
  • Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (5:00)
  • We he decided to move overseas (6:36)
  • Life in Medellín (13:13)
  • Tax filing with Cryptocurrencies (16:40)
  • The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) (23:35)
  • New strategies after the Trump tax plan (28:17)
  • Renunciation trends (33:06)
  • How to get started living internationally (35:00)
  • Good ways to get remote income (39:40)
  • Differences in life between New York and Medellín (42:20)
  • Expatistan – Numbeo – Nomad List (46:23)

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