The Greater Reset 4 Was A Success!

Hi Borderless Friends, 

Last weekend I attended The Greater Reset 4 in Morelia, Mexico. Many hundreds of people attended live in Morelia, Central Texas, and online around the world and I think it turned out to be a wonderful success. It’s always energizing to see so many people getting together to connect and spread their ideas and solutions to bring more freedom to the world. 

Derrick Broze was the organizer and my friend Hrvoje from Geopolitics & Empire was there as well. We got to spend a lot of time meeting people from all over Mexico, the US, Canada, and Europe and some of the main topics were food independence, parallel networks, and technology privacy. 

I spoke on the second day on How to “Act Your Age” During a time of Crisis” which was about the concept of The Fourth Turning and how we can apply the theory to our own lives. Please let me know in the comments if you liked it.

The whole day was on the topic of agorism and parallel networks and other than myself the speakers were Catherine Austin Fitts, Mark Moss, and Tom Woods among others. It is worth watching the whole thing if you have the time. You can see the whole two-and-a-half-hour video here and on that channel, you can watch the videos from the whole weekend. 

Also, I have decided to open up the Borderless Network Facebook group so if you are on Facebook and would like to, go ahead and request to join. Many of my friends and past podcast guests are in the group and I would like to get some more conversation going. See you there.