A Walk Through San Miguel de Allende

Last month I had a guest at one on my vacation rentals in San Miguel de Allende that happened to be a travel YouTuber. His name is Richard and we are both Navy vets so between that and our great travel experiences we had plenty to talk about.

After retiring from the Navy, Richard started traveling around the world and documenting his travels with Youtube videos. He was getting so many views that he bought a 4k camera and a nice microphone to do it more seriously. As far as I can tell all he does is record himself walking down the street in interesting places and record what life is like with a small 4k camera. From doing these simple videos he is making a consistent 2-3 k a month with only YouTube ads! Not bad extra change, especially when you are spending time in inexpensive countries.

Watch the video below of me walking with him in the center of San Miguel de Allende. Please keep in mind that this was 1:30 pm on a Monday so this is what it looks like when things are very slow.

An interesting addition to the story.

I actually recorded with him in some more luxurious places but when he returned to the states US customs stole his gear and recordings. They confiscated his phones, computer and hard drive and demanded to know his passwords. He said that they gave him no reasoning for doing this. He told me that this had happened to him a couple years ago and it took him 4 months to get his stuff back. Wow, no wonder I try to avoid flying into the states these days.