How I was able to break through my borders to get to where I am today.

There were many struggles that have turned me into the man that I am today. The point of this about me page is not to impress you or try to convince you that I’ve “made it.” I simply want to share my story with you in the hopes that you will relate to some of it and that my vision for Borderless will resonate with you.

me1983 – Look out world, here I am.

I was born in San Diego, California On New Year’s Eve 1983. My mom is from Wisconsin and my dad is Puerto Rican from Brooklyn, NY.

As you might have been able to guess from the picture I was a Navy brat.

Having a multicultural childhood and moving around set the stage for my future allowing me to be more comfortable moving and adapting to different areas. It allowed me to be more versatile which is a great thing in today’s changing world.


2001 – DJ Gizmo

I went to high school in Charlotte, North Carolina during which time I was a DJ (that’s my actual business card on the right when I was 16).

I eventually was hired by an entertainment company where I did 2-3 weddings a week at nothing less than $1000 a gig. This in addition to having my own studio where I would produce and record music with local artists.

Music was my first passion.

408636_2921740172434_798761666_n2004 – US Navy, Iraq, and Hurricane Katrina

After I graduated from high school I wanted to do something important, something with an impact, and I didn’t think that being a DJ was going to do it for me. College didn’t interest me very much, and besides, I didn’t have the money to pay for it. Naturally, as a guy raised in a military family, I thought of the US Navy as a good option.

I went to boot camp in 2004 and was then stationed onboard the USS Bataan during which time we took part in Operation Enduring Freedom and Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Scan2008 – Epic crash

When I was 20 years old I did two things that were out of the ordinary for someone my age. I bought my first house and I got married. Neither of these decisions worked out as planned.

Only two years after I had bought my condo in Virginia Beach for $85,000 it was assessed to have a value of $150,000. Like so many in the mid-2000s I thought just simply buying and holding property was the road to wealth so I doubled down and bought another rental house with an equity loan. I got out of the Navy after my 4-year contract and started a home renovation business with a friend to try to take part in the party that was going on in real estate. Little did I know that the party was actually over before I even arrived.

In 2008 not only did my properties take a nosedive in value but my renovation business dried up and my marriage fell apart. This was the perfect storm that caused me to question everything. You could definitely call this my waking-up moment where I began to have doubt about what I had been told about the global economy and the normal path in life that I thought had worked out so well for the generations before me.

It dawned on me that the entire game had changed and so I immersed myself in learning about how to succeed in the very different world that we are now living in.

This is when I decided to foreclose on the properties that I owned and leave the United States with only what I could fit in one suitcase.


2010 – Viva Madrid

I enrolled in a University in Madrid Spain where I studied international business. The school I went to was full of very interesting students from all over the world and I used my time off to travel Europe with them and others. This experience gave me a new understanding of world history and different cultures.

Another part of this period that affected me was studying economics and business at a time and place when things were really starting to hit the fan economically. I could see firsthand the turmoil that was being created by the giant economic shifts that were taking place. During my free time, I would walk into the lectures of world-famous economist Jesus Huerta De Soto and watch his fiery presentations. I was also the head of the SLU Economics Club where I was able to have in-depth discussions with his professors and PHD students on a regular basis.


2013 and beyond

Since graduating I have been on one adventure after another including helping start a bank in Barbados, managing a hotel on the beach of Acapulco, starting my own vacation rental company in San Miguel de Allende, coaching aspiring entrepreneurs in Chile, and much more while also being a husband and father.

I also started doing work for online publications that dealt with offshore investments. Once I got started getting a hang of online marketing I decided to launch Borderless to provide what I thought was needed information for those trying to stay on the cutting edge of today’s business environment.

The vision of Borderless is to help entrepreneurs and investors bring more freedom and success to their lives by navigating through the transition into a more international and borderless world.  

This project has taken a life of its own and I still can’t believe some of the people that I have been able to contact and have STAYED in contact with because of it. What this is really all about is creating a global network of people that can work together to stay on top of the latest business technology trends.


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