What’s going on in Uruguay?


Gonzalo Gomez of Puntaconsultants is a Uruguayan native who helps people improve their quality of life by relocating either full or part time to Uruguay. Gonzalo is highly experienced in the details that are involved in Uruguayan residency applications and has obtained more than 300 residencies for his clients. In this episode we talk to him about all things dealing with Uruguay and getting established there.

Show notes:
The advantages of living in Uruguay (3:25)
Quality of life compared to other countries in South America (5:07)
Top US cities in Uruguay (7:30)
Cost of living in Uruguay (13:37)
How to get  residency and citizenship in Uruguay (17:30)
The disadvantages od Uruguay (26:55)
The legalization of Marijuana in Uruguay (32:25)
The details on getting a citizenship (39:11)
Dating and nightlife in Montevideo (43:20)

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