Andrew Henderson on Second Passports and Life as a Nomad Capitalist

Andrew henderson rec

In this episode we talk to Andrew Henderson from The Nomad Capitalist. Andrew started his business while traveling the world and finding the best places to live and invest. He now has a thriving community of followers and over a million unique visitors per year to his website.  We talk to Andrew about the different options for second passports as well as his advice for entrepreneurs thinking of going global.  

We also spoke about The Passport to Freedom conference coming up this February in Cancun. There is currently a host of experts in all aspects of internationalization scheduled to be speaking at this event. If you are thinking of going international with your business this would be a great start.

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Show Notes:
Andrew’s background (2:50)
The economic tide moving away from the US (4:40)
The definition of Third World (7:00)
Life in Kuala Lampur (8:45)
Reasons for getting a second passport (11:35)
Eduardo Saverin
Buying a second citizenship (18:45)
Second passport scams (22:00)
Getting a second passport with less money (25:30)
Passport to freedom conference (31:25)
Andrew’s advice for new entrepreneurs (35:00)