Be Unreasonable


The world is filled with reasonable people. Some are not very good at recognizing what is reasonable and what is not but they strive to keep their thoughts and actions into a realm of what can be defended in modern discourse. Rare do you find someone who has the audacity and intellect to challenge the status quo of what is considered reasonable. In this blog I write about breaking down borders in our own minds, moving past the things that we automatically consider to be unreasonable or outside the realm of the current reality and finding a new and better one that we would prefer.What if we don’t want to except the reality that we are presented with? Is reality negotiable? I certainly think so and I think that every man that has pushed to make progress in this world has felt the same. Progress is only made possible by imaging things that do not exist presently but should and making them so.

I find it completely unnerving when someone tells me that something is not possible, and more often than not, it is something that I have already or will surely accomplish in the future. This self defeating mentality will get the individual and humanity itself nowhere if we can only accept what is already in the realm of possibility. When seeking to create a new paradigm one must find something better than the old one and inso doing make the old system obsolete. More than likely this new system will sound like something completely buy viagra online store unacceptable by the majority of people. This progressive thinking will only be brought about by the rebellious, outcast or unreasonable of the population.

Public education trains us to only think and act in a way that will never lead us to to get ahead intellectually, financially or socially because it places physiological chains on our minds. Our political system is certainly overdue for new and unreasonable thought in order to move our species past the archaic nation state and into a new and more enlightened system. The establishment seeks to shut those unreasonable trouble makers out of the discourse, not only in academia but in all areas of life.

I am reminded of what Jim Morrison said “Let’s just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what would happen That’s all it was: curiosity”, in the process of his curiosity he was able to bring rock and roll music to whole new level. Can you think of any modern day musician that would be willing to push the envelope as far as he did? If you can think of one I would honestly like to know.

So I would like to encourage everyone to be a little more unreasonable. Don’t shy away when everyone tells you something can’t be done. Test the bounds or reality without fear, after all the only thing to fear is fear itself because the worst thing that could happen is that you die, and if your dead there’s not much for you to worry about.