Being a Location Rebel with Sean Ogle


“Forget about building a business around your passion. Focus on the things that enable you to do things you are passionate about” – Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is a great example of someone who has reinvented himself with his own online business. After following the normal path and getting a job in finance he had what he calls a “quarter life crisis” where he decided to completely change his path. He took off to Bali where he started his own blog and internet business. Surprisingly within a few months he had a sustainable income from his business that he could take with him anywhere. Since then he has been concentrating on accomplishing all of the things on his bucket list while traveling the world.

Sean’s website

Sean’s TED talk

Show notes:
Sean’s quarter life crisis (3:30)
Starting location 180 (5:30)
The difference between his old life and his new life (9:35)
Some places Sean has been in the last year (10:35)
How he travels with a fiancé (11:30)
Why you should start a blog (14:10)
Starting as an intern (15:30)
Starting as a freelancer (17:13)
The people that sign up for his courses (19:30)
What is a digital nomad (23:20)
Sean’e bucket list (24:25)
Sean’s favorite destinations (27:00)
Being a digital nomad from your hometown (31:40)
Resources for digital nomads (33:40)
Sean’s advice to new entrepreneurs (36:30)
How to start as a freelance writer (39:00)
This Is What $1,500 A Month In Rent Would Get You In Cities All Around The World (42:50)

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