Borderless Gold: Life in Panama and Euro Pacific bank

Semana Santa marks the end of the busy season here in San Miguel de Allende (at least for a few months) and I have been using this opportunity to do some updating to Borderless Blog. I will soon be offering more services on the website such as the ability to subscribe to a “liberty network” of over fifty different groups throughout the world as well as an e-book with on the ground information from these places.

I have also finally gotten enough gear together to start doing my own videos for the Borderless Blog. I will be interviewing cheap cialis 10mg people from all over the world on traveling, investing and living beyond borders. I hope to be able to offer practical information for people interested in these topics. Please let me know if there is anyone that you think the readers and I would enjoying hearing from on this series.

For the first video I interviewed Ashe Whitener from Euro Pacific Bank on his move to Panama and some of the things that he offers at the bank. You can find out more information about Euro Pacific Bank here.