Bringing About a Free Society One Entrepreneur at a Time

Pete Sisico

Pete Sisco has definitely been one of our best guests so far. He has figured out the magic formula for creating a successful online business that has worked wonders for him, his wife and six kids who all now travel the world as digital nomads. He is an evangelist for creating online businesses because of the freedom it allows. In this episode we talk about the steps you need to take to start your own online business and how this type of entrepreneur could change the entire social system. Pete’s Book The Freedom App talks about building true freedom through Contractual Republics. We talk about all of these things and much more in this invigorating interview.


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Show Notes:
Pete’s Video With Tony Robbins
His Start as an Entrepreneur (9:30)
The New Possibilities Today as an Entrepreneur (10:30)
The Best Country for Business (13:50)
How to get Started with your Own Online Business(22:30)
The “Freedom App” Book (24:45)
The Decentralization of Society (28:00)
How to Find a Mentor (36:33)
How New Social Systems may Emerge (44:00)
Can the Current System Change Before it Collapses? (47:00)
Pete’s Mentorship Program (49:45)
A Day in the Life of Pete Sisco (52:10)
Travel: The Fountain of Youth (56:00)
Thailand Changes You (1:00:00)