Carlos Lara on Being Your Own Banker


In this episode we talk to Carlos Lara about the Infinite Banking Concept. Infinite banking is a strategy first formulated by R. Nelson Nash in his book Becoming Your Own Banker. We talk to Carlos about how exactly you opt-out of the banking system today. Once you grasp how to use Infinite Banking, you’ll be amazed at how you can escape dependence on the unsafe, unsustainable banking system, save massively on life-long interest charges and take control of your own banking.

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Show Notes:
Jonathan’s explanation of the Infinite Banking concept (3:20)
How Carlos got involved in privatized banking (7:20)
How long has privatized banking been around (12:26)
Why are more people not using this strategy (18:25)
What are the advantages of Privatized Banking (25:03)
The tax savings of using privatized banking (37:00)
The differences in security of privatized banking (38:45)
Are there any companies out side of the US offering this?(41:50)
Carlos gives advice to business owners (44:25)
Joanthan’s recommendation for privatized banking (47:18)
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