Cash in on the Self Publishing Revolution

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If you are interested in making a living with your passion this episode is for you.

Tom Corson-Knowles is the founder of TCK publishing and the host of The Publishing Profits Podcast. We speak to him about his start in self publishing and how exactly it is that his company is able to create so many successful authors. The tools for contents creation are changing rapidly and the ability to make a living from creating any kind of art is easier than ever. We  go into specifics about how you can get started today becoming wealthy by doing something you love.

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Show notes:
Tom’s background (4:50)
How tom got started as an author (6:55)
Rich Dad Poor Dad
When he realized that he never wanted a “job” (9:25)
The new era of self=publishing (12:35)
His experience self-publishing his first book (16:10)
Tom’s first success in self-publishing (20”35)
The mission of TCK Publishing (24:25)
How Tom helps authors (26:03)
Success stories from TCK publishing (28:50)
Healing Breast Cancer Naturally 
Stop Negative Thinking 
The Irritability Cure
What success means (40:50)
What success Means for Tom (42:40)
Why Tom chose to live in Hawaii (45:10)