Catching Dreams with Valen Dawson

If you are looking for inspiration to follow your dreams Valen is the woman for you. Valen Dawson is a writer, traveler, life purpose coach and author of the book Dream Catcher.  In this episode we talk to Valen about how she got to where she is in life and many of the important lessons she has learned along the way. You can find Valen’s work at this way to paradise, eating the globe, travel scamming and your own life.

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Show Notes:
Valen’s background (3:50)
Her travels around the world  (4:15)
The focus of this way to paradise (7:30)
Marijuana Pizza in Cambodia (8:15)
Eating the Globe (10:10)
Avoiding travel scams (13:05)
Is Marijuana legal in Jamaica? (14:50)
Valley’s book Dream Catcher (17:15)
Facing your fears of letting go (21:50)
Being a life purpose coach (25:15)
Other obstacles in the way of peoples dreams (26:30)
You deserve to live your dreams (27:38)
Sound healing (29:00)
Being a spiritual junkie (30:28)
Taking action on your dreams (35:26)
Protecting your dreams (38:38)
Valen’s advice to entrepreneurs (42:04)