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Ep 114: Myles Wakeham on Real Estate Investing, Bitcoin and Living an Unconstrained Life

I recently spoke to Myles Wakeham from the Unconstrained Podcast. We spoke about real estate investment, creating location independent income, cryptocurrencies among other things. You can follow Myles at mentioned in the podcast you can follow the borderless Telegram Channel Also, please visit the new Borderless Health Insurance website.


Christoph Heuermann: The Freedom Pirate

In this episode, I spoke with Christoph Heuermann from, and He is a global tax planning consultant and international investor who recently bought a boat and has been traveling throughout Europe this entire year. We spoke about a variety of subjects such as flag theory, traveling during COVID, investment markets, and many […]


Is Bitcoin Just a Distraction?

I’ve spoken before about some of the terminology that gets thrown around in the Bitcoin space that gets on my nerves. More specifically people talking about “investing” in crypto currency when they are in fact speculating in a high risk market. There are also “traders” coming out of the woodwork who had never traded successfully […]

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Breaking: You can now get an e-residency and open a business bank account without leaving home!

As many of you know I have been following the Estonia E-residency project since it’s inception. I think it is a very important experiment in innovative ways that countries can structure their business and immigration laws to be more attractive to potential residents. In the past it has taken four visits to Estonia to set up […]


Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Jesus, on Practical Use of BTC Today

Imagine selling store-bought firecrackers on eBay, along with many others, but because of your political stance being singled out and imprisoned for 10 months. It might make a person consider alternative life options.  Maybe that’s why, almost singlehandedly, Roger Ver funded the seed rounds for the entire first generation of Bitcoin businesses. In this week’s […]