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Naresh Vissa, the Internet Marketing Extraordinaire

In this episode I spoke with Naresh Vissa, CEO of Krish Media & Marketing about investments, read estate, location independence and internet marketing. We also talked about the Meet the Masters event and our take aways. There is a wealth of information in this one! Listen on: Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoyed this podcast. If so, please […]


What does the Trump Plan, Vacation Rentals and Bitcoin Mean for Your Taxes?

In this podcast I spoke to Grace Taylor of Gracefully Expat. After cutting her teeth in the big accounting firms she recently went solo and now helps individuals with expat finance and tax strategy. We discuss: Misconceptions about the foreign earned income exclusion. The Trump tax plan. At what point you need to contact a […]


How to Build Your Own Real Estate Kingdom With Jordan Stanley Payne

This episode’s guest was Jordan Stanley Payne, founder of The Kingdom Real Estate. In only a few years he has acquired millions of dollars worth of rental properties through creative financing and teach others how to do the same. We talk about how you can find and structure deals where you puts none of your own money down! […]