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Cayman’s Tax Free Economic Zone

In this episode we speak to Chris Morgan from The Cayman Enterprise City.  This city is a thriving community of tech entrepreneurs operating in Cayman Enterprise City (“CEC”), Grand Cayman’s innovative tax-free technology zone. CEC’s is attracting internet and technology companies and entrepreneurs within the marketing, media, commodities & derivatives and biotech industries and is now positioned […]

Net Neutrality

What Net Neutrality Means to You

“Nature admires courage” – Terence Mckenna Travis Boyd recently wrote a blog post entitled Why in the midst of success, I’m preparing to leave the US, where he outlined the reasons that recent tax and regulation hurdles in the US have caused him to prepare to leave the business that he built and look for brighter pastures […]

New tax law misconceptions

There has been much controversy and misinformation around the new Mexican tax laws that were finalized last November and put into effect at the beginning of this year. These laws were were part of the reforms Pena Nieto’s administration has passed along with labor, security, energy, telecommunications and many others since his inauguration a little […]