Cayman’s Tax Free Economic Zone

In this episode we speak to Chris Morgan from The Cayman Enterprise City.  This city is a thriving community of tech entrepreneurs operating in Cayman Enterprise City (“CEC”), Grand Cayman’s innovative tax-free technology zone. CEC’s is attracting internet and technology companies and entrepreneurs within the marketing, media, commodities & derivatives and biotech industries and is now positioned to become a global offshore hub for these industries.

Show notes:
What is the Cayman Enterprise city (2:55)
The “economic zone” model (4:40)
The benefits of operating a business from the Cayman Enterprise City (7:50)
Requirements for having a business in the Cayman Islands (16:50)
Life in the Cayman Islands (19:45)
Why people are leaving the US (29:45)
Record number of Americans giving up their citizenship (34:12)
How to get a second passport (37:38)
Thoughts on the Cayman Enterprise City (39:59)

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