Anatomy of the College Debt Bubble and What You Can do About it

I have been writing for a while about what seems to me to be an obvious bubble that has been building for years in the college debt market. Here is one article from a little over two years ago that I wrote about the what I saw going on in this market and how you may be able to profit from where things are going.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.49.35 AMThis week I revisit this topic with Antony Davies who is a scholar at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and an associate professor of economics at Dukaine University. He has written several articles on the college debt bubble like the one that you can find here

We go in depth about the cause of the situation that the universities in the US are in today and how someone thinking of going to higher education should correctly make that decision.

Are you saddled with student debt? check out my article Ditch Your Student Debt: 8 Ways to Get Out of Your Student Loan Without Paying a Dime.

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Show Notes:

  • Pete Sisco’s Program (0:30)
  • The similarities between the housing and the college debt bubble (2:38)
  • The catalyst that will bring an end to the college debt bubble (8:43)
  • Why the college bubble is worse than the housing bubble (12:38)
  • The prospects for people graduating today (15:30)
  • The cost effective way to get your education today (17:00)
  • How technology with transform education (18:30)
  • How easy money is messing up academia (21:45)
  • How the colleges can get back on the right track (23:45)
  • Some future growing markets in education (26:30)
  • The role of profit in education (29:13)
  • Some scenarios for the government’s “loan forgiveness” programs (33:30)
  • How long the bubble can last (35:40)
  • Will the younger generations be ready for “the real world?” (37:45)
  • Antony’s advice to people thinking of going to college today (40:15)

College Debt Bubble: