Creating your Nomadtopia with Amy Scott


Amy Scott is a fellow traveler and digital nomad that has recently been hanging out in San Miguel de Allende. Her story and message was so similar to that of The Borderless Podcast that we had to have her on.

In 2004 she was working as an editor at a travel publishing company in the San Francisco Bay Area when she decided to take quit her job and travel the world. She created her own editing company Nomad Editorial to fuel her journeys through Latin America and Southeast Asia. During this time she discovered that although editing was paying the bills, she wanted to do something with more purpose. She then started Nomadtopia, the blog and podcast about making location independent income while traveling the world.

In this episode we talk about making location independent income as well as where some of the best places are for Digital Nomads to live and thrive.

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Show notes:
Why Amy chose to come to San Miguel de Allende (3:00)
Her start as a nomad (5:25)
Being a book editor as location independent work (9:20)
How someone can get started as an editor (10:30)
The Elements of Style
The Copy Editors Handbook
Life and dating in Buenos Aires (15:20)
Convincing her husband to be a nomad (19:24)
Her travels through Asia (19:55)
Life in Chang Mai (20:55)
The start of Nomadtopia (25:05)
Amy’s book: Destination: Nomadtopia: Discover the Ideal Lifestyle for Your Nomadic Soul (27:26)
The right amount of travel (33:00)
New nomad movements (36:10)
Some of the interesting people that she has met through her travels and podcast (40:45)
Books Amy recommends (44:22)
The work from anywhere test drive
The Suitcase Entrepreneur
How to do a location independent test drive (46:20)
Amy’s advice to entrepreneurs (48:02)
The freedom kickstart