Domingo Silvas on Becoming an Escape Artist

Freedom concept. Escaping from the cage

In this episode we talk to Domingo Silvas, CEO of Escape Artist International. His company has been an invaluable resource for the international community for over twenty years and currently gets over one million unique visits per month. They offer a variety services for those thinking of living and working abroad. We talk to Domingo about his background, what his company offers and some of his favorite cities throughout the world.

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Show Notes:
The purpose of Escape Artist (2:20)
What Escape Artist offers it’s clients (6:50)
The passport community membership (9:25)
My secret to success in San Miguel de Allende
Domingo’s background (13:50)
Speakers that have on the passport community roundtables (14:45)
Domingo’s favorite playground cities (20:00)
Domingo’s favorite cities to live (24:10)
Planning Domingo’s visit to San Miguel de Allende (27:10)
The growing Mezcal market (31:10)
life in Medellin, Colombia (32:20)
The first steps for those looking at starting an international life (35:10)
The Dare to Escape Conference (38:27)
Domingo’s advice to new entrepreneurs (42:10)