Empanadas and Chicas in Argentina

The young Argentina girl with  laptop drinking coffee outdoors

David Chu was recommended to us by Barry Solomon from episode 11. David has a similar service as Barry’s but in Patagonia, Argentina.  He was born and raised in China but has since lived in various places throughout the world. He has now settled down in Argentina where he runs Escape to Patagonia. In this episode we talk about his life growing up in China and the dramatic differences with his life now living in Argentina and how he can help those that come to Patagonia.

During the episode we have a disagreement about whether or not it is a good idea for the government to protect a living wage. What do you think?

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Show Notes:
David’s childhood in China (4:02)
Why David chose to leave China (10:33)
Real Estate in Vancouver (13:20)
David’s multi-million dollar project (14:35)
Falling in Love with Argentina (16:45)
Why Argentina is a good place to live (20:50)
Argentina the land of immigrants (24:30)
Is the Argentinian government problematic? (25:15)
Ways that Argentinians save (30:00)
A disagreement on protecting the “living wage” (32:45)
The services David offers in Argentina (39:10)
Real Estate in Patagonia (40:52)
David’s advice to new entrepreneurs(43:33)