Escape to Fort Galt: A Resilient Community in Chile


Brought up in the Bible Belt Prairies of Canada, Gabriel Scheare has come a long way; both philosophically and physically. Originally attracted to Chile by the promise of a freedom-loving community, which fell apart in grand fashion, Gabriel and partners have learned the lessons and are creating community catering to entrepreneurs and freelancers in Valdivia, Chile.

In this episode we hear about both the background and vision for Fort Galt–as well as the Exosphere at which Gabriel and his partners first met.

Show Notes:

Gabriel Scheare’s Bio (2:00)
Gabriel’s trip to Chile & Exosphere (5:42)
Involvement with Galt’s Gulch Chile (8:20)
Back to the drawing board (12:09)
Finding the sweet spot for Fort Galt (13:45)
The vision for Fort Galt (15:20)
Lessons learned from Galt’s Gulch Chile (17:30)
Milestone: securing the land! vardenafil online pharmacy (19:03)
Next phase (22:40)
End result (24:10)
Potential for a network of similar projects (25:15)
Number of lots and how large (27:00)
Travis Boyd’s involvement (27:38)
Projects planned (28:09)
Average Fort Galt resident (29:25)
The Condescending Group ad (30:07)
La Estancia de Cafayate (33:45)
How the HOA is proposed to work (35:22)
Fee for common area (37:45)
Microcosm state yet stateless? (40:16) (44:00)
Exosphere (44:10)
People who join in with Exosphere (48:34)
Instead of Going to College, Do This!
Gabriel’s best advice (57:00)
Exosphere/Hydra Startup Lab (58:25)

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