The Inside Scoop on Estonian E-Residency

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There has been a lot of interest lately about the Estonia E-residency program. In order to clear the air on what it is and what it is not we were able to get a hold of Kasper Korjus who is spearheading this program in the Estonian Government. In the interview we talk about who the program is good for presently and what their plans are for the future.

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Show Notes:
Kaspar’s Background (3:20)
What e-residency is not (4:35)
What e-residency is  (6:00)
The buy viagra australia three reasons to get e-residency (8:40)
Is this the beginning of the end of the nation state?
Is this the end of the nation state (10:30)
Can you get an E-Residency without going to Estonia (12:20)
What would disqualify someone from the E-residency program (17:00)
The types of companies can you open with an e-residency (17:40)
Is it necessary to have am Estonian bank account? (18:29)
Using an e-residency to open bank accounts in different countries (19:40)
What is Estonia’s motivation for offering this program (25:20)
Do you have to pay taxes to Estonia as an E-Residency (31:20)
Can Americans open bank accounts in Estonia (35:50)
Banking in Estonia (37:30)
Access to encryption with an e-residency (38:15)
Online businesses coming out of Estonia (43:18)
Geography and population of Estonia (44:20)
What is the benefits for EU citizens to get an E-Residency (48:30)