Exposing the Financial Gurus


David Galland of Casey Research recently wrote a blog post entitled The Truth About Gurus where he talks about his experiences with people within the financial forecasting industry. He has seen first hand behavior from these leaders that ranges from ignorant and deceitful to downright psychopathic.

“I could literally sit here and write for hours, and never run out of material about the ignorant and deceitful Gurus that spend every day, inadvertently or deliberately, helping to drain the life savings of their most ardent fans.”

David seems to have come to the same conclusions as I have…NO ONE can predict the markets, but there are plenty out there that will make you think that they can in order for them to separate you from your money.

I was delighted to see that David had generic levitra 10 also found the best advice to be that of Harry Brown in his book Fail Safe Investing.

In this short read Mr. Brown explains why it is better for someone to concentrate on what it is that they do to make money, their career, rather than trying to make money speculating in the financial markets. And if they do feel compelled to speculate, then make sure that it is with money that they are prepared to loose. If you would like to read a short summary of the book you can find it here.

There is something about the human condition that causes people to seek out charismatic figures that have answers to all of life’s questions. The quicker that one comes to the realization that those people do not exist, the better.