Flippin’ Online Empires for Fun and Profit with Justin Cooke


Justin Cooke didn’t plan on starting Empire Flippers when he headed for the Philippines in 2010, but when the business he worked for started falling apart–and he pictured having to go back to the US, pull his stuff out of storage and start over again there–he got serious.

Today Empire Flippers is matching online business sellers with buyers, and helping them through the process of making the exchange. For many it’s a much better option than traditional investments, and can afford them the freedom to live the lives of their dreams!

Show Notes:

Justin Cooke’s Bio (2:16)
Empire Flippers’ successful 2015 (3:30)
How Justin ended up in the Philippines (4:10)
When the original business started falling apart (6:18)
Fallback plan (7:54)
Virtual business a good idea? (11:15)
Empire Flippers’ average sale/Evaluating sites (13:04)
Online Business Broker niche/Demographics (15:17)
Comparing this investment with other options (17:47)
Lifestyle Larry (21:08)
Wisdom of selling your website (23:00)
The Condescending Group ad (25:43)
Empire Flippers current listings (27:15)
How to be successful with a web business (30:08)
Monetizing methods (31:25)
Starting small (34:00)
Spreading risk with multiple sites (35:20)
Actual purchase process (38:00)
How to avoid capital controls/Bitcoin (39:49)
Life in the Philippines (43:32)
How Justin met his Filipina girlfriend (47:00)
Filipinas in general (47:57)
Dating (49:40)
Cost of living (50:11)
Justin’s best advice (52:25)
Contact info/justin@empireflippers.com (54:07)

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