Glen Roberts on How To Renounce

Glen Roberts renounced his citizenship a year and a half ago. To help others with the process he has written a book How to Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship in Two Easy Steps. What makes Glen different in his renouncing is that he has done it without another citizenship and is now a truly stateless man. In this episode we talk to Glen about the process of renouncing, life in Paraguay and how to live as a stateless man. 

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Show Notes:
Why would someone want to renounce their citizenship
The increase in number of renunciations in recent years (6:00)
The two ways of renouncing (10:30)
Why Glen chose to renounce (13:00)
The reactions of others after his renunciation (16:00)
Some of the main things that hold people back from renouncing (19:30)
When and why Glen left the United States (26:27)
Life in Paraguay (31:13)
How to operate as a Stateless person (44:00)