Going Full Nomad and Finding Success with Danny Flood


Danny Flood hasn’t worked a traditional job for more than 2 months. An entrepreneur since age 9, he went from broke ramen-eating college graduate to growing a profitable online business and pursuing lifestyle design with reckless abandon. Now based in Bangkok, he’s rolling out a great digital magazine called Open World.

In this week’s episode we discover how his father raised him, what led to his present lifestyle and his many recommendations for making the life of your dreams actually happen.

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Show Notes:

Danny’s Bio (2:00)
More on Danny’s background and life path (3:17)
On traditional jobs (5:05)
On hacks (6:30)
Open World Magazine (8:35)
On men and women (10:00)
Female Digital Nomads (11:13)
Danny’s Book, Buy Your Own Island (12:22)
Why is breaking free harder for some? (14:44)
On mindfulness (17:39)
On networking (19:29)
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (22:27)
On Upwork (23:38)
On sales (25:16)
The Condescending Group ad (26:23)
The Complete Gentleman’s Guide to Hacking Dating (28:10)
LavaLink (32:00)
More on Open World Magazine (34:26)
IndieGogo campaign (37:10)
Travel lifestyle (42:46)
Danny’s Top 5 Favorite Countries (44:40)
Living in Bangkok (46:10)
House sitting (47:00)
Hacking networking (51:27)
Speaking gigs (52:45)
Thoughts on San Miguel de Allende conference (53:33)
On cutting back (54:13)
Danny’s best advice (56:43)

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