Gregor Gregersen on Singapore and the right way to store precious metals.

This week we are joined by Gregor Gregersen of

We discuss life in Singapore and what it was that made him choose to get citizenship there even though it meant giving up his German one. We go over how he was able to effectively quadruple his income by making this move. He is very positive about many of the policies that Singapore uses and we contrast those with those of most western countries. He recommends the book From Third World to First: Singapore and the Asian Economic Boom to learn more about hoe their economy has become such a powerhouse.

We also talk about his precious metals storage company and the precious metals market in general.  He has put together what he considers to be the most secure way of storing metals and he explains why. We also go over his thoughts on the future of banking and how precious metals and cryptocurrencies may play a part in the future of banking.

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