Guadalajara Geopolitics with Hrvoje Moric


In this episode we talk to Hrvoje Moric, a professor at Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and host of the Guadalajara Geopolitics Podcast.

Hrvoje was raised by a Croatian family in the US and decided to leave in the early 2000’s to help the Peace Corps in Mongolia. After Studying in Switzerland he came to Mexico to teach students about Geopolitics. He works to innovate the classroom with gamification and having Skype appearances by such authors as Paul Craig Roberts, Ray McGovern, James Bamford and Lord Christopher Monckton.

He has also recently launched the Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute where he covers world events with many world renowned authors and speakers.

Show Notes:
Hrvoje’s cheap cialis 40 mg background (2:50)
Why he chose to leave the US (4:07)
His experience in the peace core (5:15)
Opportunities in Mongolia (8:43)
Studying in Switzerland (12:20)
Dave’s ESL Cafe (17:00)
His move to Guadalajara (17:20)
How to invest your own Uber taxi (20:05)
Using the Internet to Get from a Red-Cross Shelter in Egypt to Columbia University (23:22)
How Hrvoje is innovating in the classroom (24:30)
Global trends (29:20)
Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute  (34:00)
Hrvoje’s advice to those wanting to make a living outside the US (38:53)

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