Hi, I’m James Guzman, an Expat Health Insurance Broker Located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Let me help you find the right policy for you and your family.

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International healthcare is dirt cheap for minor events, but major medical emergencies can still leave you hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Don’t get stranded in a foreign country relying on a GoFundMe to get medical treatment or an evacuation back home. For a small price, you can get coverage that follows you wherever you are in the world.

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My Story

As the founder and host of the Borderless Blog and Podcast, I am very familiar with the nomadic and expat way of life. After helping hundreds of people move, work and invest internationally I have an intimate understanding of their unique needs and challenges in these areas.

As a third culture kid, Navy brat, and serial entrepreneur from a young age I have always been comfortable with living and working in different places and with different cultures of people.

I joined the US Navy straight after high school and served four years on the USS Bataan during which time I was deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina Relief. After my term was up I used the GI Bill to obtain a degree in international business from St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain. Since then I have lived and worked internationally and helped others to do the same with my blogs, podcasts, videos, and consultations.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and investors navigate through the information age. This means staying on top of all of the new tools and business practices in our increasingly borderless world.

Reputable and Reliable Insurers

I only work with the largest insurers in the world to ensure that they have the expertise to help you wherever you are in the world. My providers all have 24/7 phone centers that will help guide you through troubling times.

Independent Brokerage

I am an independent broker that stays up to date with market trends and new products. I understand that there is not a one size fits all policy for people abroad and will provide you with the best options for you.

Personal Support

I provide personal attention to each and every client. I work with full-time staff who file hundreds of claims a month for clients and will help you deal with any red tape which may be involved to help you maximize your benefits.

Licensed and Experienced

I work with licensed brokers that have multiple decades of experience in the insurance industry. I will be able to recommend the best coverage for the lowest cost for your unique situation.

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