Here it is! The Borderless Podcast

Borderless Podcast

I am very excited to announce my newest project, The Borderless Podcast.

My co-host, Jonathan Lockwood, and I have been working tirelessly the last few weeks to put together this show that I hope you will enjoy.

On the Borderless Podcast we will be interviewing entrepreneurs and world travelers to get inspiration and advice on living and doing business internationally in the information age. We hope to have on authors, business owners, investors, revolutionaries, hackers, black market chemists and others making waves in the changing global environment.

We are launching with three episodes:

Ep 1: James Guzman on Living Life Beyond Borders and Dropping Out of College


Ep 2: Fergus Hodgson on the Permanent Traveler Lifestyle and the Future of Media


Ep 3: Phillip Hardcastle on Cashing in on Demographic Changes and Mexican Real Estate


We have put our heart and souls into this and only ask one favor from you.

1) Download and listen to at least one of the episodes
2) Then PLEASE, leave a review on iTunes. (To review you have to hit the View in iTunes button. Then once open in iTunes you click on the Ratings and Reviews menu. 

Once you review the podcast send me a screenshot at and I will send you a free e-book as well as access to the private Borderless Network as a thank you.

We will be releasing future shows each week on Monday morning. All of your feedback is very appreciated and will help us know what type of guests to have on in the future, how frequent to put out shows and whether or not you hate us and want us to die.

Thanks and enjoy!