How to Start a Real Estate Empire in Latin America

BeachHouseFBYou’re interested in life in another country, but how really do you make the best decision as to where? If you’re overwhelmed by the dizzying sources of information, we think you’ll love this week’s Borderless Podcast. We talk with Josh Linnes of Viva Tropical. Originally from the US, he started out looking for new and better places to surf, but starting a family brought a new perspective. It wasn’t long before he and business partner Park Wilson went on exploratory adventures throughout Central America that led to their deep understanding of it as a real estate investment. They share their insights by refusing to resort to the typical travel magazine hype, and instead giving you a framework for profitable investing abroad. Bottom line? They help you find what’s actually right for you.

Oh, and James and I are are sipping my new shipment of artesenal mezcal throughout. 🙂

Show Notes:

Josh’s story (4:35)
Description of Costa Rica (6:14)
Rejecting Corporate American/Embracing Possibilities (11:30)
Starting a family & seeking consistency (13:44)
Crafting a life to be excited about (17:17)
Pay Dirt: A Framework for Profit Abroad (23:18)
Adventures, failures & fun (23:43)
No more rose-colored glasses (22:45)
The Condescending Group ad (32:55)
The Top 57 Places to Live & Invest in the Tropics (35:50)
Time to profitability (38:02)
Judging property (42:19)
Viva Tropical website real estate listings (44:15)
The picture is crucial (45:50)
Presence & strategy (48:46)
Financing? (53:49)
Josh’s plans for the future (56:49)
Central American real estate Lightning Round (59:30)
Josh’s best advice (61:57)

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