How to travel like a BOSS while making over 10k a month with JohnnyFD


In 2008, JohnnyFD was 27 and leading a drone-like existence in California. But a trip to Thailand changed his life. From Scuba Diving Instructor to competitive Muay Thai fighter to his present life as a successful Digital Nomad, his awakening and path epitomizes the Borderless lifestyle.

This week’s episode finds Johnny in South Africa, about to go on a safari, but still working on his drop-shipping business. We talk about his discoveries, finding one’s groove and just how good life can be when you’re willing to think outside your borders!

Show notes:

California drone life (2:43)
The move to Thailand (4:58)
Scuba diving instructor (5:54)
Muay Thai stint (8:35)
Transition to selling eBooks (10:50)
Discovering Thailand’s Digital Nomad community (12:30)
Discovering & embracing drop-shipping (13:20)
Focusing on paid ads (15:34)
Speed of success (17:05)
Combining financial success with low-cost lifestyle (17:05)
No debt/Better off than buy levitra online price average American (19:55)
The Condescending Group ad (21:52)
Two different work modes (23:20)
Visiting South Africa; still growing business (25:54)
How this lifestyle allows for amazing experiences (26:54)
Daily goals/Work routine (29:29)
What life could have been vs. what it is now (31:28)
Finding one’s groove (32:31)
Drop-shipping course: (33:31)
Unwilling to use courses vs. Being a course junkie (34:36)
Banking from Thailand (36:20)
How I Invest my Money: 6 Steps (37:34)
Cheaper & better to rent in Thailand (40:16)
The Dark Side of Digital Nomads (44:32)
Establishing confidence (47:20)
Both bad & good information is available (48:01)
Giving advice vs. Providing solutions (49:40)
Johnny’s best advice (52:01)
We critique this article, “Why “Don’t Worry…” (53:58)
Pete Sisco’s “Leave the Rat Race” program offer (59:56)

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