Is Paraguay Right for You?


A discussion of expatriation options is never complete without a mention of Paraguay. Lonnie McRorey is orginally from Pennsylvania, but has lived in South America for several years–in Paraguay for five. He started Expats in Paraguay, a resource for good information and assistance for those considering moving there.

In this episode we find out pretty much anything you’d need to know about life there: pros, cons, starting a business, cost of living, weather, safety and how much it really costs to find a reliable fixer to help with residency.

Show Notes:

Fast-growing, beef & soy (5:15)
Business generic levitra 20mg opportunities, real estate, agriculture, pro-capitalist (7:00)
Tax rates (9:25)
Ease of starting a business (9:50)
How to find a good fixer (12:55)
Don’t get him started on Paraguayan women! (14:35)
Time for residency and passport (16:35)
Extra fixer services vs. attorney (18:45)
Expat areas of Paraguay (20:55)
Weather (23:30)
Rental range. Cheaper to build? (25:15)
The Condescending Group ad (29:54)
Living expenses (31:45)
Corruption (36:00)
Technology bringing improvements (37:45)
Family-centric (38:40)
Corruption Perception Index (40:00)
Crime (41:30)
Lonnie’s Best Advice (43:27)

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