The University Paradigm is Dead! Praxis Breaks the Mold


Zak Slayback is an Ivy League apostate. When he realized the traditional education path was going nowhere, he dropped out of Penn to join forces with a couple of other visionaries as the Business Development Director of Praxis. It’s a one-year program for entrepreneurial young people in which they both complete a year-long education program–while also being placed in growing startups and small to mid-size businesses for hands-on, real-world experience.

Is Praxis right for you–or your child? The qualifications are tough, but the potential outcomes are exciting! In this week’s Borderless Podcast we find out why and how.

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Show Notes:

Zak’s Bio (1:18)
Ivy League Dropout & Apostate (2:48)
What is Praxis? (4:20)
4 Ideal Praxis Participant Archetypes (5:41)
Waking up to reality of traditional education path (9:04)
Traditional education vs. Praxis (10:50)
Virtual Bootcamp (13:01)
Finding quality business partners (13:29)
Net Cost=$0 / Partner buy-in (14:46)
Participant success stories (16:24)
“You’re worth more than college” (18:50)
Jonathan’s daughter, Chelsea’s story (19:38)
Acceptance rate & qualifications (20:24)
Alternative options (21:18)
Exosphere (23:40)
Future of Silicon Valley / Bubble? (24:21)
Silicon Valley Debt Slavery (27:31)
Financial education (28:10)
Retirement / cost-of-living factor (29:07)
The Condescending Group ad (30:13)
Age range & intangible traits (32:00)
University bubble? (37:00)
Degree no longer required? (38:38)
Praxis tuition costs (40:34)
Education options for expat children (43:30)
Standing out on LinkedIn (45:12)
Praxis focal points (48:55)
Number of participants (51:38)
Remote positions (53:40)
Zak’s best advice (54:55)
A new Borderless review (57:17)
Jonathan’s Mexican land purchase (58:03)
Borderless Hang-Out (59:55)

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