Multi-Millionaire Jason Hartman Reveals the Commandments of Real Estate Investing

This is one of the most informative interviews yet!

It was a pleasure speaking to Jason Hartman as I have been following him quite a while. I remember being very impressed with his videos when I was 18 years old. Now he is 660 podcasts down and the amount of information he has available on is incredible.

During the interview we talk in depth about some of the commandments of real estate investing. These are the core rules that, if you follow correctly, will virtually assure that your investments will be successful.

During the interview we also talk about the US economy and whether you should be concerned with it’s sustainability. Jason thinks that it is delusional to fear a crashing dollar and makes a case for why he  sees the US as still being the place to be for real estate investing.

Do you agree? Listen to the case that he makes and let us know in the comments below.

10 Commandments of Real Estate Investing

During the interview we talk a lot about he 10 commandments of real estate investing. Check out the list below and if you want more information on them click here.

Jason Hartman’s 10 Commandments of Real Estate Investing

  1. Become Educated (Educate Yourself On Key Investment Principles)
  2. Seek Guidance (Retain A Professional Investment Counselor)
  3. Stay In Control (Maintain Direct Control Of Your Investment)
  4. Remain Prudent (Keep Your Long-Term Goals In Mind)
  5. Do Not Gamble (Avoid Flipping, Speculating, And Other Risks)
  6. Always Diversify (Balance Your Investments In Various Markets)
  7. Be Area Agnostic™ (Do Not Limit Yourself To Certain Areas)
  8. Use Borrowed Money (Leverage Debt Properly To Work For You)
  9. Identify Universal Needs (Avoid Virtual Commodities Or Trends)
  10. Purchase Tax-Favored Assets (Never Get Bored With Taxes)

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Show Notes:

  • Why Jason prefers real estate to other assets. (2:00)
  • The major mistake people made during the real estate bubble (6:20)
  • The ten commandments of real estate investing (9:22)
  • Is there another bubble in US real estate? (17:45)
  • The only three great investments (21:00)
  • The case for optimism in the US economy (24:43)
  • How to get started learning about real estate investing (39:45)
  • Investing in personal branding (42:30)

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