John McAfee on Drugs, Guns & Being the First Cyber President


What’s a guy to do after making millions pioneering the computer security industry, becoming entangled in a Belizean murder case, escaping with his life and staying on the run for two years to avoid assassination? Run for President of the United States, of course. And to John McAfee this is no joke. He is intensely concerned about the damage hackers can do to the US government—and outraged that they don’t seem to grasp the gravity of it.

In this week’s episode you’ll learn what both organizations and individuals can do to protect themselves, why freedom has suffered in recent times and why McAfee believes he is more qualified than any other Presidential candidate.

Show Notes

Why John McAfee decided to run for President (1:25)
Why are US politicians cyber-illiterate? (2:30)
What must organizations do to take cyber-security seriously? (6:05)
How serious is the threat of hackers…to an organization? order vardenafil online (8:55)
How serious is the threat of hackers…to individuals? (10:30)
Don’t use smart phones anymore? (12:00)
John’s stance on the “War on Drugs” and “war” in general (13:10)
Comments on Mexico’s recent ruling on drug use (15:00)
From a government of “service” to one of “power” (16:00)
Is the toothpaste out of the tube? (17:00)
Achieving safer air travel (18:21)
Stance on guns (19:00)
Problems of government the same everywhere (20:51)
TOR & Bitcoin (23:50)
Thoughts on what underlies things like FATCA (25:06)
Life outside & inside the United States (26:22)
John’s motivation for living outside the US (27:55)
How to volunteer within John’s campaign (29:00)
John McAfee’s best advice (29:48)
The Condescending Group ad (31:15)
Jonathan & James discuss McAfee interview & campaign (32:25)
New Borderless Podcast review (41:12)
Growth of the podcast (43:10)

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