Johnny Ward: Fight for Your Success Like You Would Fight to Breathe!


Johnny Ward came from a poor, single parent family in Ireland. Maybe not having certain advantages is what cultivated an insane drive to succeed inside of him. At 32, he’s almost completed his goal of being the only Irishman to visit every country in the world. Not only that but he has made over a million dollars online while doing it! He sees success as not being all about the money; it’s about the lifestyle–always. Although the money’s nice too!

Johnny tells us about rejecting the 9-to-5 life, the importance of taking risks and the “beautiful hell” he’s experienced on some of his travels. Like fighting to breathe when being held under water, the burning desire to realize your goals is what he considers the key to success. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Johnny’s Bio (1:47)
More background (2:53)
Around the World in 80 Days (5:38)
Why reject the 9-to-5 life? (6:28)
Did Johnny begin as a tech genius? (7:55)
Hundreds of websites (9:09)
Daily Mail article on Johnny (10:20)
Traditional path & institutionalization is mental (12:12)
Bitchy doubter comment & Johnny’s furious reaction (14:08)
Lifestyle comes first (17:20)
The pivotal point (17:59)
First generation of online entrepreneurs (19:52)
That first customer (21:08)
Travel schedule (21:36)
Dead chickens sittin’ on top of goats havin’ babies (22:53)
Beautiful Hell (23:12)
First staff member (24:17)
Rest of team (27:28)
At what point do you hire staff? (28:50)
Platforms for hiring them (30:22)
The Condescending Group ad (30:51)
Can anyone really do this? (32:30)
Being risk averse (34:11)
Wanting it: succeeding viewed as breathing (35:37)
What Johnny brings to the table (36:20)
Writing style (37:43)
Tim Leffel (38:36)
Travel blogging too saturated today? (39:29)
When to monetize (40:35)
What’s a workday look like? (41:53) (42:39)
What people do wrong (44:25)
Lazy people (47:16)
Lack of security? (49:24)
Current focus (50:51)
Best ways to monetize (52:50)
Fake it till you make it? (53:49)
What happens when you start traveling a lot? (54:19)
Johnny’s best advice (55:52)
Borderless Society (57:39)
Email from Wendy Hogan (58:33)
Pete Sisco’s How to Safely Leave the Rat Race (59:17)

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