Jonathan Lockwood on His Journey to Freedom

Ep 10Jonathan Lockwood is the co-host of The Borderless Podcast. He had a 15 year career in broadcasting, but for 16 years has been a successful freelance voice talent, recording television and radio voice overs and film narrations from his own recording studio. From figuring out how to leave his job and work for himself to leaving a destructive religious cult to moving his life from the US to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, his life has been about breaking through one border after another on a quest for freedom. In this podcast we learn not only about the challenges he faced and met, but also the life-altering consequences. Find out how, throughout Jonathan’s life, what began as the worst things imaginable, eventually became priceless gifts.

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Show Notes:
The hunger to improve oneself (4:03)
Jonathan deciding to work for himself (6:43)
People that inspired him (11:03)
The differences between having a job and working for yourself (17:30)
Realizing that he had to get a divorce (20:50)
His waking up from his religious upbringing (25:05)
Pew poll on religion
Jonathan’s questioning of authority in general (46:50)
The Fountainhead:
Atlas Shrugged
Choosing to move out of the United States (56:35)
Jonathan’s advice to others wanting to live a borderless life (1:00:15)