Living and Investing in Taiwan


In this episode we speak to Greg Bugiak from Invest Formosa. He has spent extensive time living and starting his own businesses in Thailand and Taiwan and knows all of the ins and outs of doing business there. He has options set up where one can easily move and invest in this great country. If storing precious metals or investing in businesses in this incredibly civilized country in interesting to you then this one is a must listen.

Show notes:
Why Greg moved to Asia (3:44)
Greg’s witnessing of the Tsunami (7:50)
How to get started teaching English in Asia (9:15)
Websites for teaching English
Tax rates in Taiwan (14:05)
The good and bad about Thailand (15:15)
Cost of living in Taiwan cheapest sildenafil 100mg (17:44)
Night life in Taiwan (20:20)
Why Greg is optimistic about silver (22:50)
Precious metals storage options in Taiwan (24:12)
Other tax free investments in Taiwan (28:20)
His recent visitor from the Borderless Network (31:50)
How Greg helps people get set up in Taiwan (33:18)
Why the Asian markets will overcome the west in the future (41:35)
Greg’s advice to those thinking of moving abroad (45:22)

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