How to Make a Career With Self-Publishing

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In this episode we talk to Jonathan Rand from American Chillers. Jonathan has made a life for himself by being a self-published author of children’s books. We talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how he was able to overcome him critics. Much of the advice is equally valuable for those wanting to start a business in any market.

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Show Notes:
Jonathan’s start selling audio books (3:40)
When Jonathan realized that a regular job wasn’t for him (16:49)
The qualities that someone needs to start their own business (19:35)
Being a contrarian (21:45)
The skills necessary to get people to read your books (24:35)
Getting work done early in the morning (30:00)
The disciple necessary to be an author (31:20)
Teaching literacy to children (34:15)
The rewards of teaching (37:05)
Creating value for your customers (41:00)
Being able to move quickly in a changing market (44:50)
The future of publishing (46:05)
Jonathan’s advice to entrepreneurs (48:50)