Making Sense of Financial Chaos

In this episode we go over the latest financial news around the world. With the Greek negotiations, the collapse in the Chinese stock market and many other things going on in the world we thought we would bring in an expert to tell us what to make of it all.

Olav Dirkmaat is a precious metals analyst for Gold Republic and a founder of Hedgehog Capital. We talk to Olav about his opinion on the markets and where they are heading.

Once the interview is over James and Jonathan go over some news with the Borderless Network as well as address the haters who say that leaving the US is for cowards.

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Show notes:
The difference between Austrian and mainstream Economics (3:00)
What is really going on with the Greek decision (4:26)
How long can they kick the can down the road? (10:30)
What about the “No” vote?  (13:23)
The future of the Euro (17:30)
The Chinese Collapse (23:43)
How can we protect ourselves from these situations (30:30)
Olav’s advice to people interested in getting in to finance (34:15)
Human Action 
Shout outs to some new listeners (37:00)
Should we be positive or negative about the future (40:30)
Video:Professor Tells Students to Get Out of the US (44:00)
IRS on the hunt for Americans Overseas (47:20)
Does leaving the US solve the problem? (55:53)
Are you a coward for leaving the US (57:20)
When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over (58:40)

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