Managing US Short Term Rentals while living in Medellin, Colombia with Tim Hubbard

In this Episode, I spoke with Tim Hubbard, founder of Midtown Stays, about how he was able to turn his sales income into short term rental investments which he can remotely manage from anywhere in the world. He has a full team and has recieved over 10,000 guests. We cover many aspects of real estate investment and also why he chose to make Medellin, Colombia his new home.

Show Notes:

Tim’s background (3:00)
Building a team (7:00)
Identifying good real estate investment markets (10:00)
Real estate investment financing (18:30)
Short term rental platforms (21:40)
Short term rental technology (28:30)
Why Tim chose to live in Medellin (34:30)
How to get a Visa to Colombia (39:00)
The Venezuelan crisis (43:15)
Resilience: Turning Your Setback into a Comeback (45:10)
Rest Methods (48:00)

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