Medellín, Colombia: Low Costs, Amazing Weather and Beautiful Women


Gloria Zuluaga was born in Medellin, but relocated to Europe when quite young. It was a rich experience and led to her speaking four languages. But her beautiful hometown called and she returned to find a great need: relocation services for expats.

In this week’s episode, we talk about the positives (very many!) the negatives (hardly any!) and how her company, Medellin Executive Relocation, can help you get settled intelligently and comfortably.

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Show Notes:

Gloria’s company (1:50)
More background (2:32)
What’s so great about Medillin? (3:55)
Colombia positives (5:20)
Cost of housing (7:35)
Cost of living/restaurants (11:12)
Utilities (12:43)
Internet infrastructure (13:18)
Groceries (14:24)
Potential negatives/customer service (17:03)
Medical care/insurance (20:31)
Night life (23:10)
Beaches (24:45)
Colombia’s former reputation (25:54)
Bogota (27:26)
Attracting entrepreneurs (28:29)
Comments on government/Uribe (30:21)
Taxation (31:37)
The Condescending Group ad (33:41)
Opening bank accounts (34:53)
Citizenship (36:00)
The Colombian passport (37:41)
Colombian people (38:09)
Colombian women (39:29)
Gloria’s services (40:39)
Schools (42:17)
Cost for services (44:05)
Nomadtopia Live event in San Miguel (48:50)

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