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There seems to have been a never ending array of articles coming out about the optimistic future of Mexico from magazines such as Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, and the Financial Times. The consensus of the opinions is that this is Mexico’s time to move forward. There are many factors that are causing a huge middle class to emerge in Mexico.


The Mexican government has a commitment to free trade with and has actually signed more free trade agreements that any other country in North America.


Many international companies are flocking to Mexico. Queretaro, of all the cities in the world, had the highest growth last year in foreign direct investment — that’s money invested directly into local business. And its population is growing rapidly too.  Companies that have moved their manufacturing to the area recently include Bombardier, American Airlines, Aeromexico, Samsung, Honda, Siemens, General Electric and many more. 

Mexico has recently overtaken Japan as the second biggest vehicle exporter to the United States



The stage is being set for Mexico to have a giant boom in the oil sector.


Part of the economic reform that the new president Pena Nieto is implementing is the biggest overhaul of the Mexican oil sector since the government takeover in 1938. This overhaul includes a break up of Pemex as well as an amendment to change several articles of the constitution to allow foreign investment in the Oil industry.

Charles Ebinger, the energy advisor for the Brookings institute and 35 year veteran in the industry remarker earlier this year “I think if the president of Mexico can truly pull this off it will be a monumental change in global petroleum issues” he predicts that the passing of these amendments will cause an exponential increase in oil production in Mexico.


The number of people moving from the US to Mexico has been continuously increasing since the year 2000. 


These economic factors are compounded by the fact that many people find Mexico to be a great place to live. The number of people moving from the US to Mexico has been continuously increasing since the year 2000. In fact more Americans have been added to the population of Mexico over the past few years than Mexicans have been added to the population of the Unites States.


In other words the time is now to get in on the ground floor of an economy with tremendous growth opportunity.


Whether looking for a cash flowing rental property or a beautiful winter home when looking for Mexican Real Estate we can help you get the best deal for your money. Here is an example of an investment opportunity that was done for a customer on a beautiful beachfront condo in Acapulco. In this case not only does the client get a good return on his investment but also is able to enjoy living in the property for free for three months out of the year.


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