Michael Strong on Startup Cities

Michael Strong

Michael Strong is a revolutionary thinker who has founded many organizations to help bring about change to the world through entrepreneurship. His ideas of approaching world problems and government institutions with startup culture have motivated him to get involved in the ZEDE Project in Honduras. In this episode we talk about the future of these start up cities and how you can get involved in making them a reality.

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Show Notes:
Start up cities
How to Grow A City in Honduras
What is the ZEDE (4:20)
Bringing startup culture to governance (9:24)
The challenges of seeing up the ZEDE in Honduras (14:50)
Paul Romer: Why the world needs charter cities
Are startup cities possible while the US government exists as it does today (25:45)
How can someone take advantage of these start-up cities (29:30)
What is going on with Seasteading (33:30)
The Residensea
The future of start-cities (41:00)
How you can get involved in start-up cities (42:15)
The Blank Slate State
Start up schools (43:30)
Khabele + Strong Incubator
Michael Strong and his wife on Jon Stossel
Michael’s advice to new entrepreneurs (49:30)
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