Offshore Wealth Secrets with Bobby Casey

Bobby Casey

Bobby Casey is the managing director of Global generic levitra vardenafil Wealth Protection. He is an expert in offshore strategies for businesses and individuals. In this episode we talk to him about the creation of GWP and some of the specific ways that he helps entrepreneurs save money on taxes.

There is some very good actionable information in this one. Get ready to take some notes.

Take your business to the next level with Bobby’s private club GWP Insiders. 

Show notes:
Bobby’s background (2:50)
The creation of Global Wealth Protection (6:45)
Expats life in Latvia (12:40)
What is offshore strategy (17:20)
At what point does it make sense to go offshore (23:55)
Global trends (34:07)
Good offshore jurisdictions (46:25)
How to use paper checks with an offshore account (51:00)
Will the government cause trouble for those going offshore (58:20)
GWP Insiders (1:06:05)
Bobby’s advice to new entrepreneurs (1:10:00)

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