Panama: The Best Residency/Citizenship Program in Latin America


Is Panama the place for you? If a reasonably easy to get residency and favorable tax policies are what you’re looking for, the answer may be yes. In this week’s episode we talk with Rey Evans of Noble House Precious Metals. His wife is a Panamanian attorney, and he is her English liaison. As a US citizen who has lived in Panama for five years—and helped many get their residency, he’s in a unique position to offer advice about the pros and cons of this Central American nation.

Show Notes:

Rey’s path to Panama (2:13)
Rey’s role as a liaison (3:34)
Panama: a hot spot? (6:25)
Friendly Nations Visa (8:34)
What you need for Visa (9:54)
Tax benefits (12:00)
Bank accounts in Panama (13:32)
Timeline for residency (14:32)
Fees (16:02)
More on timeline, fees & terms (18:02)
Citizenship (20:05)
Panama cool? (21:13)
Panama pros (21:35)
Cost of rend and land (27:56)
Panama cons (34:06)
Cost of living (37:50)
Opening bank accounts (41:15)
Security (44:40)
Noble House Precious Metals (51:50)

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