Paul Rosenburg on Online Privacy and Cryptohippie


Pick something and get started, you’re biggest enemy is inertia – Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg has been a huge advocate for online privacy since the inception of the internet. He keeps up with all of the latest news at his blog The Free-man’s Perspective and was a founder of Cryptohippie, the software which protects your online communication.

In this episode Paul breaks down who is collecting our online communication and how they are using it. We learned many things about the current state of privacy on the internet and what we need to do to protect ourselves.

Show notes:
The point where Paul realized that Internet privacy would be a problem (3:45)
The history of PGP (5:35)
What our main concerns should be with online privacy (7:30)
The Facebook experiment to change your mood (9:05)
Most people’s apathy of the situation (11:30)
The government’s excuses for taking our data best canadian online pharmacy reviews (16:26)
What the government actually wants (17:20)
Can the government sort through all the data they collect? (19:35)
Government departments that are gathering data (20:26)
How they can use illegally obtained information against you (22:27)
Has there been any progress to stop the trend (26:40)
Paul’s Blog Freeman’s Perspective (29:00)
What is Cryptohippie? (29:40)
Basic security measures everyone should be taking (37:00)
Doesn’t one become more suspicious by taking these privacy measures?  (39:25)
Is it necessary to get off of Social Networks? (41:30)
Google is not what it seems (43:22)
Cell phone solutions (45:15)
How to buy and install Cryptohippie (47:18)
Are things changing for the better or for the worse? (51:30)
Can the government demand information from Cryptohippie (53:20)
Paul’s best piece of advice (54:30)

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